Some Really Special Moments
A few pictures - some really special moments!

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Me and the President
Here I am , explaining how the knife was made, to the President!
American Flag Bowie
A mid 19th century Bowie knife design was chosen for this commission because it is the "American" knife. I tried to depict a scene in the blade of the knife that would remind President Bush of his view during his inaugural parade. There are thirteen waving flags and a banner saying "U.S.A." on both sides of the blade. The crossguard is partially composed of a meteorite from Texas, and the handle scales are moose antler from Alaska.
American Flag Bowie - Close-up
Yes, there are fifty stars and they are in five rows of six, and four rows of five. Some are more distorted than others but all have five points.
"USA" Pattern-Welded Bar
The U.S.A. banner reads correctly (left to right) on both sides of the blade.


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