Things that I have Made

Here are some things and ideas of what you can do with pattern-welded steel - some of the things I've made over the years!

Tsuba Watch Fob
Remember the pocket watches of the old days? Rich people could afford a chain. Poor people merely had a strap of leather. The fob was attached to the leather to help you pull it out. This one I made is patterened after a Japanese tsuba.
This is a Merovingian style sword that I made in 1975 (yeah yeah I know!) The patterns on the top and bottom of this image are close-ups of the pattern I had forged down the center of the blade.
Meier Knife
Here's another knife I made. Notice in the median the word "Meier". This repeats 44 times across the length of the blade!
American Flag Knife
And this is the American Flag on a knife that I had the privilege of presenting to former President Bush.
"American Flag" Pattern-Welded Bar
This is the pattern-welded steel bar that I made with American Flags, which eventually became part of the American Flag Knife I presented to Mr. Bush.
"USA" Pattern of American Flag Knife
Here is the pattern that appears in the American Flag Knife
Here is a small scramasax. It was Inspired by 6th Century Merovingian scramasax from Central Europe. The blade is about 6 inches, made from a 4-bar Turkish pattern from AISI 1095 and pure nickel, made back in mid-seventies (1970's that is, not middle ages!). Handle is ancient small walrus tusk au jus.
The First Knife I Ever Made
Well, every smith has his humble beginnings; here's mine! Here's the first knife I ever made, out of pattern welded steel!


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