What I Can Do For You
A little about what I've been doing for bladesmiths around the world and what I can do for you.


Very simply put, I make pattern-welded steel for custom knife makers. I do other things as well, but this is a lot of what my business is about: the artistic beautification of steel. Pattern-welded steel truly brings an added aesthetic dimension that makes a knife or sword even more interesting, setting it apart as a one-of-a-kind work of art..

Sword and knife blades can be made from Meier Steel to any of a variety of patterns. I work with many bladesmiths and collectors in selecting a pattern - basically helping people create their dream knife or sword.

Take a look at the simulated picture below. Which blade appeals to you more? Probably the one on the right. Nothing's wrong with the knife on the left, but the blade made of Meier Steel catches the eye and captures the imagination.

It's okay to let your imagination run a little wild while you're perusing my site. If you have questions, I'm here. If you are a knife maker, I can make pattern welded ("damascus") steel for you. If you're a collector but don't have a knife maker, I can connect you with someone.

And when you're ready, I'm only a phone call away.


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