Who I Am
About me and Meier Steel. Meier Steel has served the knife and sword industry for over 25 years.


Hello. Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Daryl Meier and making pattern welded steel has been my major interest for the past 25 years. Damascus Steel is another name commonly used for this material, but "pattern welded" is a more descriptive term.

At Meier Steel we use 1095 and A203e for the majority of the steel produced but we also use W2, 15N20, and pure nickel for some grades. Five different patterns are always available and we have limited edition, special patterns as the need arises and the mood permits. We also do some custom one-of-a-kind patterns for special projects.

Meier steel materials have been used mostly for knife blades where the requirements are for performance in addition to the beauty, character and mystic that this material has. Other uses have been swords, belt buckels, tomahawks, bowls, broaches, pendants, wedding rings; there is no limit on possible uses. We once supplied some material to the pacific rim that was used to make "cock fighting spurs".

Some Pictures

This is the way that I welded steel in the beginning. Ivan Bailey demonstrated the basics of making pattern welded steel at a gathering of blacksmiths in Lumpkin, GA. in 1973. That marked the start of my fascination with the making of this mystic material.

Me and Bertha working a piece of hot steel. Bertha Bigbuns was born in Phil, PA. about 1925. She was 55 years old when she moved to my shop, and can still outwork me! Most of pattern welded steel that I make is welded with her gentle help.

That is me (left) and Bob Osinga (right) rolling some hot steel. At the time of this picture (1986), I could afford a roof but not walls. Had to power the mill (Lewis 2 high reversing, hot rolling, laboratory mill!) with a 1941 John Deere "B" tractor because out here in the boonies, R.E.A. doesn’t offer enough power. All of my clad steel and some of the pattern welded steel are welded in this mill.


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